Case studies

At GCMA, we are privileged to be able to work with our clients on innovative initiatives and we respect the commercial in confidence nature of these projects. Each of the projects profiled below have been shared with the client’s expressed consent.

Aurrigo : ‘Elliot’ trial

Driverless mobility service in retirement village launches in Port Elliot, South Autralia.

SA Health : Codesigning Strathalbyn Aged Care

Aged care residents in Strathalbyn will be part of a nation-leading initiative which will see them co-design a new aged care precinct to better meet their needs now and into the future.

Potatoes SA : SUpporting healthy ageing

A collaborative project between Potatoes SA, the University of Adelaide and several food companies sought to develop new nutrient-enriched food products using potato puree as the base ingredient to support healthy and active ageing.

Prohab : keys to ageing well

Prohab was keen to understand how people experience changes in their body as they age and to explore how this kind of device might assist people get the most out of life as they age.

ageing in place : designing smart homes

Smart homes can control who is at home, how appliances and services are working and whether energy and waste systems are efficient.

Unchartered leadership : second life

Uncovering how to tap into the minds of our wise elders to address the increasingly complex societal challenges in today's world.

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