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Dr Fiona Kerr
Subject matter expert -  
AI, Neuroscience & Living Laboratories

Dr Fiona Kerr has over 30 years’ experience in complex organisational strategy and transformation. She works with a broad range of industries from manufacturing and defence to pharmaceuticals and higher education, and has recently founded The NeuroTech Institute, an independent company that looks at the neurophysiology of interaction – between humans, and with and through technology.

Fiona (alongside her team at The NeuroTech Institute) applies her integrated knowledge of cognitive neuroscience and complex systems to topics including Artificial Intelligence and how technology shapes us, the neurophysiology of interaction, the effect of empathy on complex problem solving, the cognitive neuroscience of adaptive leadership and how leaders build better brains and flourishing businesses, and neural synchronisation, neuroplasticity and neurogenesis (building new brain).

Fiona’s qualifications include cognitive neuroscience, systems engineering, psychology and anthropology. She is an international speaker, and research partners include medical and technology companies, defence, healthcare, Nokia and Cirque du Soleil. Fiona is a research fellow at SAHMRI (SA Health and Medical Research Institute), an adjunct at The University of Adelaide and is about to become an honorary professor for University College Dublin. She is also an advisor to Finland’s National AI program.