Adelaide forum to discuss how design can influence wellbeing

Office designs that improve mental health outcomes. Socially lead residential developments that create stronger communities. Bedroom lighting that improves sleep patterns by mimicking the body's circadian rhythm. Air filtration systems that reduce asthma attacks. These are just some of the innovations and emerging design ideas that will be discussed at Future Forum_Wellbeing by Design being held in Adelaide next month.

Farewell to Elliot : wrap up from the Aurrigo trial

On Thursday 23 May 2019, we said goodbye to the Aurrigo ‘Elliot’ pod from Elliot Gardens after a successful 8 week trial. We were inspired by the wonderful ideas shared by residents for their dream future super pod which would meet all their needs and wants, present and future.

The Modern Ageing Movement is on the march

It’s been quite a time at the Global Centre for Modern Ageing since our launch in October. In 2019, we have experienced a very strong response from more than seventy businesses and researchers wanting to understand more about the Modern Ageing sector and explore what role they could play in understanding the changing needs and wants of people as they age.

Busting myths about ageing

A social and economic movement to improve the lives of older people is gaining momentum, says Global Centre for Modern Ageing Chief executive Julianne Parkinson.

A journey has begun to reverse the view that becoming older is an economic and social burden. Instead, growing older should be valued differently - as an age of opportunity. From the moment we’re born we are ageing. We are pleased to be at the cutting edge of a movement creating a new narrative about ageing.