Official launch of the Global Centre for Modern Ageing

Global Centre for Modern Ageing chief executive officer Julianne Parkinson.

Global Centre for Modern Ageing chief executive officer Julianne Parkinson.


It is with great pride that we celebrate the launch of the Global Centre for Modern Ageing, and purpose built LifeLab.

It is the culmination of a growing modern ageing movement that South Australians and others nationally and internationally have been forging since 2015.

After opening the doors to the GCMA in April this year, this launch signals an advance to the global stage.

This new organisation stems from inclusive and focused work of many leaders across community, business, research and government to explore what this new, Modern Ageing sector could mean for Australia and abroad, as we shape and deliver our nation leading response to a global ageing phenomenon.

The successful commissioning of the Southern Hemisphere-leading GCMA LifeLab was just one of the celebratory milestones profiled at the Centre’s official launch on 11 October when the Premier of South Australia, Steven Marshall, officiated the launch enjoyed by more than 350 people enthusiastically gathered at the Tonsley Innovation District. The launch was supported by the GCMA board led by Chair Raymond Spencer, with special guests, Terry Sweeney, IBM Watson Health, and Julia Zaetta, Editor-in-Chief, Better Homes and Gardens, Pacific Magazines.

The goodwill, energy and optimism of the launch’s atmosphere, created by the people who attended, reflect a microcosm of the global ecosystem participants, and importantly, the diverse and dynamic culture that galvanises us, attached to the important and exciting sector.

Thanks to all who have been part of the journey to date including our special community of volunteers. Your combined contributions have led to more than 1,000 modern ageing sector leaders and citizens forming part of the GCMA community. A community, I know, that will continue to grow and prosper.

On behalf of the wonderful individuals who comprise our GCMA team, like you we look forward to an exciting and purposeful future.

We look forward to working alongside you to bust ageing myths, open enterprise pathways and support and create partnerships that work with older people, the public sector, and business to focus on and invest in products, services, and solutions to better meet the needs of people as they age.

Best wishes
Julianne and the team at the GCMA