The Modern Ageing Movement is on the march

Julianne Parkinson Photo.jpg

It’s been quite a time at the Global Centre for Modern Ageing since our launch in October.

In 2019, we have experienced a very strong response from more than seventy businesses and researchers wanting to understand more about the Modern Ageing sector and explore what role they could play in understanding the changing needs and wants of people as they age.

We are also privileged to host senior international delegations with leaders, most recently from Malaysia, Sweden and China, sharing insights on the opportunities and challenges of ageing that unite and distinguish us as a global community.

As importantly, we welcome anyone who is curious to explore what role they could play as co-designers of future products and services.

The Modern Ageing movement is on the march. By way of example, the GCMA is honored and very excited to be serving the Strathalbyn community to imagine and co-create a nation-leading response to aged care through the design and build of a new facility.

All these relationships strengthen our ability to improve the future.

Our team continues to strengthen on the inside too. We are delighted to welcome new Board Member, Dr John Beard and three new team members Nicola Barr, Troy Flower and Amelia McCabe.

Special thanks to all of you who are working alongside others to deliver the necessary breakthroughs.

Julianne Parkinson
Chief Executive