Modern Ageing Living Laboratory Network

The Modern Ageing Living Laboratory Network brings together innovators, consumers and researchers to co-design and co-create products and services that improve the lives of older people in Australia and around the world.  


LifeLab at Tonsley Innovation District

LifeLab at Tonsley is a leading test facility designed to capture and analyse product and service feedback in real-time and to reduce market risk for companies and entrepreneurs in the emerging modern ageing industry sector.

It plays a key role in accelerating the process of bringing products and services, targeted to the needs of older people, to market. 

Designed to accommodate a number of simulated environments, LifeLab incorporates sophisticated video and audio data recording systems to capture the interactions of consumers with products and services in a controlled environment. 

The space can be configured to simulate multiple domestic and office environments, including a fully functional kitchen with operational gas and electric appliances. 

LifeLab offers a diverse suite of services to businesses and broader networks, including: 

  • Management of LifeLab engagement processes to drive product and service design outcomes;
  • A flexible approach to testing product and service design;
  • Methodology advice to capture latent needs, tacit needs, observable needs, and explicit needs; and
  • Data analysis and report writing.

The LifeLab is also a flexible space that can be configured for multiple purposes to incorporate training, teaching and seminars, a Board Room, or a social event, product launch or display space. 

Pilot projects

The Global Centre for Modern Ageing is currently commissioning the LifeLab facility and will commence lab projects from July 2018.

Target market segments include food, packaging, assistive devices, technology, active living, education and lifelong learning. 

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