Potatoes SA :
Redefining nutrition for healthy ageing

Project overview

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As part of the launch of our LifeLab, we partnered with Potatoes SA to help the South Australian company reconsider its approach to research, development and innovation.

The project was one of two pilot projects run at LifeLab, which explored entrepreneurial products to support older people to remain active and healthy; and to continue doing the things they enjoy.

The pilot was part of a two-year collaborative project between Potatoes SA, the University of Adelaide and several food companies to develop new nutrient-enriched sophisticated lifestyle-driven potato puree based food products to support healthy and active ageing.

The project was funded through the South Australian Government’s Advanced Food Manufacturing Grants Program.

the trial

Potatoes SA co-design trial

The pilot sought to understand if increasing the nutrient content in everyday foods allowed people to meet their recommended daily nutrient intake as they aged without the need to take supplements or eat more food.

The key requirement of nutrient rich food is that people want to eat it, so it needs to look, smell, taste and have a texture that is palatable.

During the pilot session, participants were given a selection of foods to try and were asked to provide feedback regarding appearance, smell, taste and texture. Reactions to tasting the food were captured. Participants also took part in a nutritional and behavioural exercise.


As well as evaluating whether the foods were fit for purpose, insights gained included reactions to the food tasting and offered Potatoes SA with a better appreciation of intangible qualities such as enjoyment, nostalgia and civic responsibility about waste reduction.

At the end of the session, the results of the tasting were revealed and participants engaged in a discussion about the key ingredients.

The client report provided summarised the responses and insights gathered from participants; and identified some opportunities and potential next steps.

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