Image courtesy of Simon Cecere Photography

Image courtesy of Simon Cecere Photography


Our world class living lab unites older people, businesses, and researchers to co-design and validate products, services and experiences, that will better serve the lives of ageing people in Australia and around the world.

HOw lifelab can accelerate better products to the market:

  • Facilitating accelerated product development. Our LifeLab presents a unique opportunity for our clients to accelerate product development by providing high quality user-centred co-design and research services. This process ensures real-life market demand and users’ insights are incorporated into the product development process.

  • Our space was purpose built for innovation. The LifeLab is designed to accommodate a number of simulated environments and incorporates sophisticated video and audio data recording systems to capture user interactions. The spaces can be configured to simulate multiple domestic, training, social and office environments, and features a fully functional kitchen with operational gas and electric appliances.  It has been purpose-built to capture and analyse user behaviour in relation to emerging product and services in the modern ageing industry sector.

  • Tailored business solutions : To do so, we offer different kinds of living lab services to companies. In each project, older end users are an essential part of the process. LifeLab projects can be conducted at all stages of the product development cycle.

  • Evidence based research. LifeLab provides proven mixed methods to best suit the clients’ needs, adapted to the needs of the project. For instance, at the beginning of the process contextual inquiry may add value, whereas towards the end, validating solutions in real life trials may facilitate market entry. LifeLab offers ethnographic studies in real life settings to ensure the product design best reflects user behaviour and meets their needs.

  • Access to engaged user co-designers. LifeLab has access to a broad community base and can tailor groups of co-designers to meet the requirements of companies targeting particular segments of the market.

  • Real life trials. Validating innovative products and services in real life settings with end users to gain valuable insights before market entry.


LifeLab offers a diverse suite of services to businesses and broader networks:

  • Management of LifeLab engagement processes to drive product and service design outcomes;

  • A flexible approach to validate product and service design;

  • Methodological expertise for co-design and co-creation, user research, user interaction and real life studies Data analysis and report writing

In its work, LifeLab maintains the highest quality: being open, respectful, and adhering to high standards of ethics, privacy and secure data storage.

Target market segments include food, packaging, assistive devices, technology, active living, tourism, media, manufacturing, education and lifelong learning. 

LifeLab is a wholly owned division of the GCMA.

LifeLab aims to be a globally recognised ageing well living lab, that supports its network in co-designing breakthrough products and services that have a measurable social or economic impact.

- Veera Mustonen, Executive Director, LifeLab