About us

The Global Centre for Modern Ageing was established in March 2018 to take South Australia to the forefront of modern ageing in Australia and the world.  

Located at South Australia’s Tonsley Innovation District, the Global Centre for Modern Ageing (GCMA) also operates LifeLab – a leading, real-time test facility which allows businesses to invent and trial products and services in a simulated ‘real-life’ environment. 

We inspire governments, businesses, researchers and older people to seek and develop solutions that reflect the opportunities for modern ageing.

Through advocacy, market development, partnerships, research and learning, the GCMA helps organisations and individuals to devise, build and commercialise products and services that allow older people to live and age well.

Strategic objectives:

  • Conversation disruption. To shift the existing mindset and overcome community biases about ageing so it is seen as an opportunity rather than a burden.

  • Global connection. To be recognised globally as a significant driver in the Modern Ageing network. To date, GCMA has over 2,000 industry players in its network of contacts.

  • Market growth.  To facilitate businesses to develop products and services for the evolving Modern Ageing marketplace and support their job creation and growth.

  • Best in class. To operate an award-winning best-of-class Modern Ageing LifeLab network that delivers both economic and social projects to the highest global standards.