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Dr Mike Rungie

Dr Mike Rungie brings to the Board a unique understanding of how people live well in their 60s 70s, 80s and 90s.

He currently works with a number of organisations and networks developing scalable strategies that have citizenship and productivity for older people at the centre of what they do. In addition to being a founding Director of the Global Centre for Modern Ageing, Mike is a member of the Aged Care Financing Authority, the Every Age Counts Coalition Steering Group, the SAHMRI Wellbeing and Resilience Advisory Board and the External Reference Stakeholders Group, the SA COTA Policy Council, the Dunstan Foundation Social Capital Partners Group and the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency Innovation and Quality Awards Panel.

Mike was previously CEO of ACH Group and a member of the Economic Development Board of SA.

Mike has undertaken a broad range of studies, research projects and service trials to enable older people to have access to the products and services they require to live well – most recently leading ACH Group in trialling service models that enable older people to receive high quality care while achieving a high quality of life.